Spider Man Homecoming is the latest in a long line of superhero-inspired films from Marvel. The film comes as a result of a deal between Sony Pictures and Marvel, finally bringing the Spider Man character into the Marvel Comics Universe.

The new Spidr Man was introduced to movie goers during Captain America: Civil War and this film shows his role in those adventures from the titular character’s point of view. Spidey will be played by Tom Holland – previously a star of the UK theatre – featuring in the hit stage musical Billy Elliott.

This movie shows us how Spider Man became Spider Man, and not just the radioactive spider bite that we all know from the comic books or the previous movies.

In Spider Man Homecoming, we meet a much younger Peter Parker. Just fifteen, a total loser geek, and still in high school. But when trouble strikes, Parker becomes the Spider Man and goes out to fight crime. No longer a puny weakling, he is transformed into the superhero we all know and love, with super speed, strength, agility and ultra-fast reflexes.

But this Spider Man has an ally, a rich, powerful and egotistical ally, the billionaire Tony Stark – or Iron Man as he is also known. Stark becomes Spider Man’s mentor in the movie, although Peter doesn’t always appreciate his teacher’s interventions. Stark wants Parker to stick to the basics, helping old ladies and retrieving stolen bicycles, but Peter wants more and sets about testing his boundaries and the edges of the spider suit that Stark provides him with. Peter wants to be an Avenger, but Stark wants him to remain your “friendly neighborhood Spider Man”.

Aunt May gets a reboot in this movie too, rather than an older mature aunt character, this time around they cast the renowned and respected actress Marissa Tomei – as a more sisterly character for Peter to turn to in times of trouble.

Michael Keaton takes to the air as a character that might be more than a nod to his massive Birdman success, as he becomes the evil Vulture.

The producers didn’t want this movie to just be about superheroes. They set out to make a true coming of age movie that was also about a boy with incredible powers.

With the glut of superhero films and tv series at the moment, and some pretty fierce criticism of recent Avengers films, Spider Man Homecoming full movie is going to have pull out something special to avoid getting into a sticky situation at the Box Office. We can find out when the film is released on June 28th across America and shortly after across the rest of the world.