What is a Forest?

A forest can be defined as a large area of land which is covered with trees, and or other woody vegetation. Forests are the dominant terrestrial ecosystem which covers the earth and is distributed globally.

It is sad to note that currently, forests are disappearing at a very alarming rate all over the world.

Importance of Forests

It is vital to know that forest systems offer an array of beneficial natural services. Forests assist in purifying the air. The trees in the forest utilize the Carbon Dioxide in the air and Give out purified oxygen for breathing. This clearly puts out that if there are no forests, then the air that we breathe will not be pure. If there are no trees to metabolize the Carbon Dioxide emitted daily means that the air will be polluted.

Forests also help in cleaning the water. This is achieved through precipitation that is filtered through forests. They help in the prevention of impurities from gaining access into rivers and also streams. Through filtration of the water on various levels of the soil, toxins, sediments and other substances are filtered from the water thus the water ends up clean

Forests are also pivotal in the reduction of global warming. Since Carbon Dioxide presence is the main factor that causes global warming, presence of forests would clear this out. The trees would Utilize the Carbon Dioxide in the air and give out oxygen. This would then go a long way into reducing the global warming menace that is associated with deforestation.

It is also important to keep in mind the fact that forests are habitats of different varieties of birds and animals. Tampering with this natural resource results to an imbalance in the ecosystem and can cause worse effects even to the people living next to where the forests were.

How to Preserve Forests

The first and easiest way to preserve forests is by planting more trees. At this point in time, deforestation has been practiced in many places all over the world. However, by planting more trees, this problem can be rooted out. This will also go a very long way in preserving the natural habitat of birds, animals and also other communities who live in the forest up to date.

Everyone should also take it upon themselves to preserve the forests. This could be done by joining forest preservation societies whose aim is to preserve this natural resource. When many people come together with one idea of preserving the forests, the impact is always big.

Finally practicing Forest tourism can also save our forests. This is also known as ecotourism and it includes visitation to natural areas with an aim of educating the traveler on various trees, birds and even animals he or she might encounter in their natural environment which is the forest. This is a very beneficial venture and it can sustain the economy of those living around natural forests just by them conserving it.