“You must follow your dreams, you must believe in yourself, and everything is possible with determination” I believe this is the theme of finding Dory full movie. Finding Dory might not be the movie Finding Nemo was , but it’ s one of the animated comedy adventure movies that is eager to please just anyone who has a look at it; wider character than finding Nemo, the right amount of humor as well as sentiment. The film is swimming upstream just like Nemo 13 years ago, going to a record of $ 130M+ for the weekend.


Finding Nemo was all about cooperation but Finding Dory is about self –reliance which makes the characters a little entertaining for the kids.

Dory a young fish is seen with a very good coping mechanism, always trying to find help whenever she can, try to forge ahead when help isn’t available and in her own terms and coping mechanism she succeeds. The firm is also trying to show the parents love for their kids and the lesson that kids will always remember what their parent teaches them.

The emotional power in finding dory full movie comes from Dory’s memory loss. This is a part that makes the film exceptionally smart when compared to Finding Nemo. Dory is able to deal with her memory loss, know how to deal with ‘people’ despite her forgetfulness, things she learned from her parents. She is able to meet a host of wonderful friends, some cranky but very kind hearted like the Octopus and a near-sighted whale. Dory’s story literally keeps the full movie buoyant and very kid friendly thanks also to the vivid visuals and its quick pace.

Unlike most Disney films, finding Dory has no villain, but the fact that Dory struggles with her loss of memory and her fear is scary enough to leave her as a Hero in the end. She is a wonderful character, does the unexpected and her friend values her in their own way. This is probably one of the greatest lessons on this film that sometimes we take for granted those friends who seem to be too idiosyncratic, but most at times these are the friends who make our life active, fun and adventurous.


Finding Dory is another wonderful Pixar’s series, with its protagonist darting the beautifully realized beach, and as an audience you can feel the scene; the grit of the sand and ‘taste’ the salt water. The story may not be original for some people, but the standard kid message is they have to believe in themselves, try new things and be self-reliant.