At long last, the title of the eight installment of the Fast and Furious franchise has been revealed!

It was although that the gang has left the game and retired the world of cars, but the Fate of the Furious is promising to be the movie of the season, with Charlize Theron playing Cipher the dark angel,and making her way into Vin Diesel’s (Dom) life, and dragging him away from his gang, and into the underworld.

Everything erupts at once,and it looks like chaos would break loose all over, Dom turning his back on his crew and submerges into Cipher’s ways, leaving them in doubt, is the family over?

The danger is real, and the family is breaking apart, this is where something must be done to bring Dom to his senses even if it meant joining forces with old enemies.

With Letty’s (Michelle Rodriguez) disappointment, Hobb’s (The Rock) fury, and Deckard’s (Jason Statham) new face, the plan is set.

The new alliance is facing a battle of wills, strength, and technology, as Cipher pulls all the stops in wanting to dominate everywhere from the streets of New York, to the skyscrapers of Abu Dhabi, and the hot shores of Cuba, with the control of a keyboard, and Dom, as he confronts his mates and goes head to head with Hobbs in a heated chase that ends with the latter in jail to face yet another battle to get out and rejoin the crowd.

Tens and tens of cars twist and crash at the swift touches of her fingers, causing mayhem and destruction left, right and center, she even sends cars flying around and dropping like flies.

There is no escape! The rules have changed and it is not a street fight anymore, Fast and Furious 8 full movie an open war that has no limits, extending from the heart of the city to the snowy outskirts with everything thrown in, tanks, boats, and, just when you thought you have seen it all, a submarine!

The gang won’t just give up, they got to stop the evil and bring Dom back! Even if it means evading a torpedo!

And the fate is sealed!

Who would prevail? Would the world be dominated? Answers are on April the 4th if you could catch a plane to Berlin for the premier.

As promised by the franchise, an unlimited supply of cars from all types and shapes is there, and the driving skills have not yet been matched with F. Gray Gray pulling all directing tricks from his hat. It’s a serious turn from the FaF as we know it.

Automobile lovers would enjoy the fascinating cars soaring through the highways, and would hold their breaths in apprehension while watching all kinds of vehicles get destroyed along the way.

With two Oscar winning cast members, the upcoming movie has a 96% Want to See rate on the Rotten Tomato, even though many faithful FaF fans are still mourning the loss of their star Paul Walker. The action packed adventure is rated PG-13 for language and scenes of violence and destruction.

It is estimated that the movie would make 110 million$ on the first weekend, get your gear ready!