Batman vs. Superman was easily one of the most anticipated movies of 2016. Everyone was talking about this movie, since it was declared in 2013. And it definitely lived up to its hype, especially for those who follow the comics actively. Batman and Superman are by far the two most admired and famous superheroes in the Justice League. They are generally known to have respect for each other, but in this movie they will be fighting against each other. The prospect of two superpowers coming against each other was the main reason behind the hype.

Batman v superman full movie

Before Batman Vs. Superman, ” Man of Steel ” was released and it was a huge success. It made millions at the box office. Hence, it was quite obvious that Zack Snyder will be chosen as the director once again to continue his success. Henry Cavill played the role of Superman brilliantly in the “Man of Steel”, and was selected for the role once again. The decision turned out to be great, because he gave one of the best performances of his career in this movie. Ben Affleck was chosen to play the role of Batman. Previously, Christian Bale played Batman brilliantly and won the hearts of millions of people. Eyebrows were raised when Ben was chosen for this movie. Thankfully, he answered back to his critics in style. The Batmobile used in this movie also pleased many fans. Looks wise, it is much better than the previous ones. And also the weapons are more high tech and powerful.

The movie revolves round a very simple plot. After the highly intense battle which happened in the ” Man of Steel” movie, Superman was not really a very popular figure. The general public blamed him for the death of so many innocent citizens and wanted to get rid of him. Batman also considers Superman as a threat and tries to do everything in his power to kill him. Meanwhile another guy named Lex is planning to kill the entire human race. The movie is about the battle among the three powerful guys.

The Batman vs. Superman full movie costed around $250 million to be made. It is quite obvious considering the special effects used, the high tech costumes and so many battle scenes. The entire movie was mainly shot in Chicago and Detroit. However, $250 million looked like a small sum of money, considering the kind of success it had in the box office. So far, it has collected around $871 million.