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Preserving our forests

What is a Forest? A forest can be defined as a large area of land which is covered with trees, and or other woody vegetation. Forests are the dominant terrestrial ecosystem which covers the earth and is distributed globally. It is sad to note that currently, forests are disappearing at a very alarming rate all over the world. Importance of Forests It is vital to know that forest systems offer.. Read More

Preserving our oceans

An ocean is generally defined as a body of saline water that composes much of the planet’s hydrosphere. The oceans cover almost 72% of the world’s surface. These include The Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern and the Arctic Ocean. There are numerous problems which are man-made that come to light very frequently which harm the environment, specifically the ocean. When it comes to acting on preserving the ocean, it is mostly.. Read More

Ecosystem preservation

What Is an Ecosystem? An ecosystem can be defined as a community of living organisms called producers, consumers and decomposers. It can also be explained as a complex set of relationship among the living resources including fish, animals, plants, trees, birds, water, soil, micro-organisms and people. In Summary, we can define an ecosystem as all the living things in a given area, interacting with each other, and also with their.. Read More