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SpiderMan Homecoming: A Hit or Miss?

Spider Man Homecoming is the latest in a long line of superhero-inspired films from Marvel. The film comes as a result of a deal between Sony Pictures and Marvel, finally bringing the Spider Man character into the Marvel Comics Universe.

The new Spidr Man was introduced to movie goers during Captain America: Civil War and this film shows his role in those adventures from the titular character’s point of view. Spidey will be played by Tom Holland – previously a star of the UK theatre – featuring in the hit stage musical Billy Elliott.

This movie shows us how Spider Man became Spider Man, and not just the radioactive spider bite that we all know from the comic books or the previous movies.

In Spider Man Homecoming, we meet a much younger Peter Parker. Just fifteen, a total loser geek, and still in high school. But when trouble strikes, Parker becomes the Spider Man and goes out to fight crime. No longer a puny weakling, he is transformed into the superhero we all know and love, with super speed, strength, agility and ultra-fast reflexes.

But this Spider Man has an ally, a rich, powerful and egotistical ally, the billionaire Tony Stark – or Iron Man as he is also known. Stark becomes Spider Man’s mentor in the movie, although Peter doesn’t always appreciate his teacher’s interventions. Stark wants Parker to stick to the basics, helping old ladies and retrieving stolen bicycles, but Peter wants more and sets about testing his boundaries and the edges of the spider suit that Stark provides him with. Peter wants to be an Avenger, but Stark wants him to remain your “friendly neighborhood Spider Man”.

Aunt May gets a reboot in this movie too, rather than an older mature aunt character, this time around they cast the renowned and respected actress Marissa Tomei – as a more sisterly character for Peter to turn to in times of trouble.

Michael Keaton takes to the air as a character that might be more than a nod to his massive Birdman success, as he becomes the evil Vulture.

The producers didn’t want this movie to just be about superheroes. They set out to make a true coming of age movie that was also about a boy with incredible powers.

With the glut of superhero films and tv series at the moment, and some pretty fierce criticism of recent Avengers films, Spider Man Homecoming full movie is going to have pull out something special to avoid getting into a sticky situation at the Box Office. We can find out when the film is released on June 28th across America and shortly after across the rest of the world.

A Brief Look at the Upcoming Box Office Movie, Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an upcoming box office movie based on the popular DC comic heroine, Wonder Woman, which is expected to be released on June 2, 2017, in the USA and most countries worldwide and distributed by Warner Brothers. It is going to be the fourth title in the DC Extended Universe which mainly focuses on the films. The movie’s main stars are Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, and Chris Pine, who plays Steve Trevor. Both of these are the most prominent and recognizable characters in the comics and previous movie franchises. Other notable characters include Robin Wright (known for her role as Claire Underwood in the popular Netflix drama series House of Cards) who plays General Antiope and Connie Nelson who plays as Queen Hippolyta. Patty Jenkins is the movie’s director with the story being written by Allan Heinberg and Zack Snyder.

Wonder Woman Full Movie
The movie is set during the period of World War I whereby Steve Trevor, an American pilot, happens to crash land on the shores of the island known as Themyscira, where the amazons live away from the rest of the world with no men on the island. In the island, he encounters Diana Prince, princess of the amazons, who has been trained to be an undefeatable warrior. Steve then tells Diana of massive conflict that is taking place in the outside world who then decides to leave her native home in an effort to fight alongside the Americans as she is convinced that her training can help end the conflict. In her efforts to fight alongside the people of the outside world in a war that will end all wars, Diana will go on to discover her true abilities and her true purpose in life. If the story also follows the story line from the comics and previous franchise, it is expected that once Diana leaves her native island of Themyscira, she will not be permitted to return.

The production of Wonder Woman first started in November 2015 where it was referred to under the working title ‘Nightingale’. The movie is filmed in the United Kingdom, Italy, and France. Some of the prominent places where the movie was filmed in include Trafalgar Square and Kings Cross Station in London with various attractions from South Italy like the Camerota, Palinuro, Sassi Di Matera, and Castel Del Monte. Filming in London was concluded on March 13, 2016, and on March 20, 2016, the filming of the movie continued in Italy. A few weeks later in the last weeks of April, production continued at the Louvre whereby a Wayne Enterprise truck was seen alongside Gal Gadot.

Kings Cross Station in London
Kings Cross Station in London

Wonder Woman full movie is set to be released in the U.S. and in most theaters globally on June 2, 2017, after it was first scheduled for release on June 23, 2017, and it will be available in IMAX theaters as well. Belgium will, however, be the first country to receive the movie as Wonder Woman will be opening there on May 31, 2017.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2: Will You Watch?

Guardian of Galaxy Vol.2 Will release on April 14, 2017
If you wish to meet again your beloved Gamora and his friends, be happy because the sequel of Guardian of Galaxy will be released later. After the great success of the first version of this film in 2014, the fans of this movie are getting more and more until today. Officially this film will be called “Guardian of Galaxy Vol.2” and will guarantee you more fun as well as the first version. Are you ready to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 full movie?

About Guardian of Galaxy Vol.2 movie
On this second volume, the actors are still there but there are also newcomers actors in order to make this film more interesting. The duration of this movie is 2hours and 17 minutes. The hot adventure continues on this Guardian of Galaxy Vol.2 as Chris Pratt as Peter Quill is loved by the Allies and getting popular by saving many people. You will see on this film the beautiful Zoe Saldana as Gamora who is an orphan and find restitution. Zoe Saldana describes herself to be stupid in this film. If you still remember Karen Gillan who is starring as Nebula, the adopted daughter of Thanos, in this second volume she has more evil characters compared with the first volume. Bradley Cooper is still one of the Guardians’ members in the Galaxy. If you remember him, he still takes the role of Rocket and remains the master of weapons. All of your favorite Actors will still give you amusement with this second version.

Final words
The film stays attractive because you will see all of your favorite actors. It will release in Hollywood on April 19, 2017, and on May 5, 2017, in the United States. Right now, be ready to get fun and excitement with the Guardian of Galaxy Vol.2. We don’t know yet where the third sequel will release but one thing is sure, you will enjoy this second volume.

Fast and Furious 8 – Will It Be a Zooming Success?

At long last, the title of the eight installment of the Fast and Furious franchise has been revealed!

It was although that the gang has left the game and retired the world of cars, but the Fate of the Furious is promising to be the movie of the season, with Charlize Theron playing Cipher the dark angel,and making her way into Vin Diesel’s (Dom) life, and dragging him away from his gang, and into the underworld.

Everything erupts at once,and it looks like chaos would break loose all over, Dom turning his back on his crew and submerges into Cipher’s ways, leaving them in doubt, is the family over?

The danger is real, and the family is breaking apart, this is where something must be done to bring Dom to his senses even if it meant joining forces with old enemies.

With Letty’s (Michelle Rodriguez) disappointment, Hobb’s (The Rock) fury, and Deckard’s (Jason Statham) new face, the plan is set.

The new alliance is facing a battle of wills, strength, and technology, as Cipher pulls all the stops in wanting to dominate everywhere from the streets of New York, to the skyscrapers of Abu Dhabi, and the hot shores of Cuba, with the control of a keyboard, and Dom, as he confronts his mates and goes head to head with Hobbs in a heated chase that ends with the latter in jail to face yet another battle to get out and rejoin the crowd.

Tens and tens of cars twist and crash at the swift touches of her fingers, causing mayhem and destruction left, right and center, she even sends cars flying around and dropping like flies.

There is no escape! The rules have changed and it is not a street fight anymore, Fast and Furious 8 full movie an open war that has no limits, extending from the heart of the city to the snowy outskirts with everything thrown in, tanks, boats, and, just when you thought you have seen it all, a submarine!

The gang won’t just give up, they got to stop the evil and bring Dom back! Even if it means evading a torpedo!

And the fate is sealed!

Who would prevail? Would the world be dominated? Answers are on April the 4th if you could catch a plane to Berlin for the premier.

As promised by the franchise, an unlimited supply of cars from all types and shapes is there, and the driving skills have not yet been matched with F. Gray Gray pulling all directing tricks from his hat. It’s a serious turn from the FaF as we know it.

Automobile lovers would enjoy the fascinating cars soaring through the highways, and would hold their breaths in apprehension while watching all kinds of vehicles get destroyed along the way.

With two Oscar winning cast members, the upcoming movie has a 96% Want to See rate on the Rotten Tomato, even though many faithful FaF fans are still mourning the loss of their star Paul Walker. The action packed adventure is rated PG-13 for language and scenes of violence and destruction.

It is estimated that the movie would make 110 million$ on the first weekend, get your gear ready!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – A Must Read Before You Watch!

We are less than a month away from the premiere of Star Wars’ upcoming movie, “Rogue One: A star Wars Story” which is highly awaited by fans worldwide. This film has built a momentum of excitement that has not been experienced since last year’s movie, “The Force Awakens.” As the first standalone film feature of Star Wars, Rogue One is an exciting turn from the routine production and storyline that fans of Star Wars are accustomed, but equally, a must watch owing to its originality and relevance.

Rogue One Cast
It is interesting that the movie’s trailer has already awakened such a great interest and enthusiasm for the premier. The director of the film has been particularly creative and loyal to the originality of the Star Wars plot and its deep capacity to entertain. To date, this is the primary reason that has given many film enthusiasts a baited breath as they await the release of Rogue One.

The ability of Gareth Edward to differentiate Rogue One from the past Star Wars collection of films is a great strength which comes with the introduction of rebels fighting Stormtroopers in an exotic tropical habitat and forming unlikely alliances. This has never been seen before in Star Wars movies, which is a new bait to make you eager to watch Rogue One. In addition, Rogue One has boldly diverted from the tradition of Star Wars movies use of the Signature Star Wars text crawl which is a major shift that is bound to introduce a new dimension of suspense and thrill in the Star Wars universe.

Candidly, this film is quite promising and it might rank better than the previous Star Wars film ever released. The synopsis of the movie asserts that is an all-new epic adventure during a time of conflict in which unlikely heroes team up on a mission to steal the plans of the Death Star. It also explicates that this event takes place in such a way it makes it possible for ordinary people to come together and choose the course of doing extraordinary things which make them part of something of greater significance than themselves.
The opening of the film is such an intrigue as rebel heroes steal secret plans and make Rogue One and original and a relaxed film that does not feel forced by any measure. This ingenuity makes Rogue One appealing to the pop culture which most Star Wars fans will easily identify with as they can spot the familiarity of this film to past Star wars films. This aspect by itself has a great influence and “push” on people to watch Rogue One although it is not directly comparable to other Star Wars films.

Perhaps, the most captivating drive for most people who await the release of the Rogue One full movie is that it offers a completely new and enthralling set of characters although they are derived from the existing cast of the Star Wars universe. Check out the trailer below:

Set for release on December 16, 2016, the film’s official trailer sets the ground for the events before the original film of 1977 in which it has already painted a clear hint of what exactly to expect when we go to the theaters to watch “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

Batman v Superman Was….Okay…

Batman vs. Superman was easily one of the most anticipated movies of 2016. Everyone was talking about this movie, since it was declared in 2013. And it definitely lived up to its hype, especially for those who follow the comics actively. Batman and Superman are by far the two most admired and famous superheroes in the Justice League. They are generally known to have respect for each other, but in this movie they will be fighting against each other. The prospect of two superpowers coming against each other was the main reason behind the hype.

Batman v superman full movie

Before Batman Vs. Superman, ” Man of Steel ” was released and it was a huge success. It made millions at the box office. Hence, it was quite obvious that Zack Snyder will be chosen as the director once again to continue his success. Henry Cavill played the role of Superman brilliantly in the “Man of Steel”, and was selected for the role once again. The decision turned out to be great, because he gave one of the best performances of his career in this movie. Ben Affleck was chosen to play the role of Batman. Previously, Christian Bale played Batman brilliantly and won the hearts of millions of people. Eyebrows were raised when Ben was chosen for this movie. Thankfully, he answered back to his critics in style. The Batmobile used in this movie also pleased many fans. Looks wise, it is much better than the previous ones. And also the weapons are more high tech and powerful.

The movie revolves round a very simple plot. After the highly intense battle which happened in the ” Man of Steel” movie, Superman was not really a very popular figure. The general public blamed him for the death of so many innocent citizens and wanted to get rid of him. Batman also considers Superman as a threat and tries to do everything in his power to kill him. Meanwhile another guy named Lex is planning to kill the entire human race. The movie is about the battle among the three powerful guys.

The Batman vs. Superman full movie costed around $250 million to be made. It is quite obvious considering the special effects used, the high tech costumes and so many battle scenes. The entire movie was mainly shot in Chicago and Detroit. However, $250 million looked like a small sum of money, considering the kind of success it had in the box office. So far, it has collected around $871 million.

Finding Dory is FInally Here!

“You must follow your dreams, you must believe in yourself, and everything is possible with determination” I believe this is the theme of finding Dory full movie. Finding Dory might not be the movie Finding Nemo was , but it’ s one of the animated comedy adventure movies that is eager to please just anyone who has a look at it; wider character than finding Nemo, the right amount of humor as well as sentiment. The film is swimming upstream just like Nemo 13 years ago, going to a record of $ 130M+ for the weekend.


Finding Nemo was all about cooperation but Finding Dory is about self –reliance which makes the characters a little entertaining for the kids.

Dory a young fish is seen with a very good coping mechanism, always trying to find help whenever she can, try to forge ahead when help isn’t available and in her own terms and coping mechanism she succeeds. The firm is also trying to show the parents love for their kids and the lesson that kids will always remember what their parent teaches them.

The emotional power in finding dory full movie comes from Dory’s memory loss. This is a part that makes the film exceptionally smart when compared to Finding Nemo. Dory is able to deal with her memory loss, know how to deal with ‘people’ despite her forgetfulness, things she learned from her parents. She is able to meet a host of wonderful friends, some cranky but very kind hearted like the Octopus and a near-sighted whale. Dory’s story literally keeps the full movie buoyant and very kid friendly thanks also to the vivid visuals and its quick pace.

Unlike most Disney films, finding Dory has no villain, but the fact that Dory struggles with her loss of memory and her fear is scary enough to leave her as a Hero in the end. She is a wonderful character, does the unexpected and her friend values her in their own way. This is probably one of the greatest lessons on this film that sometimes we take for granted those friends who seem to be too idiosyncratic, but most at times these are the friends who make our life active, fun and adventurous.


Finding Dory is another wonderful Pixar’s series, with its protagonist darting the beautifully realized beach, and as an audience you can feel the scene; the grit of the sand and ‘taste’ the salt water. The story may not be original for some people, but the standard kid message is they have to believe in themselves, try new things and be self-reliant.

Suicide Squad: Savior or Death Knell of the DC Extended Universe?

August 5 brings us the newest (and third) entry in the quickly expanding DC Extended Universe (DCEU): Suicide Squad. The first two Zack Snyder-helmed installments, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, dealt primarily with characters well known in popular culture: Superman, Batman, and Lex Luthor with a little Wonder Woman thrown in for good measure.

suicide squad 1

This time around, though, the characters are less familiar to the world at large and include, among others, Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), El Diablo (Jay Hernandez), Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), Enchantress (Cara Delevingne), Katana (Karen Fukuhara), and Slipknot (Adam Beach). Together, they make up a team modelled on The Dirty Dozen: the worst of the worst imprisoned super antiheros who take on impossible and improbable missions for the government via A.R.G.U.S. (Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans), under the direction of Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), in order to reduce their sentences.

suicide squad 4

Warner Brothers has a lot riding on the success of this movie. The rival Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) consists of thirteen movies already released, all the way from Iron Man (2008) to Captain America: Civil War (2016), while Suicide Squad is only the third movie in the DCEU. In addition, while most of the MCU-related movies have been generally both well reviewed and commercial successes, Suicide Squad’s immediate predecessor Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was weak in both areas. Plus, with the soft opening and lukewarm reviews for the recently released X-Men: Apocalypse, itself the ninth installment in the X-Men suicide squad 5series since 2000, an understandable sense of comic book fatigue could be setting in for critics and movie goers alike. Warner Brothers has an ambitious schedule for rolling out at least an additional eight DCEU movies over the next four years so it’s critical Suicide Squad, the complete movie, is a commercial success to provide forward momentum.

David Ayer was an intriguing choice to be Suicide Squad’s writer-director. While not known for big-budget CGI movies, he did write the gritty Training Day, which earned Denzel Washington an Academy Award for Best Actor, along with writing and directing the stylized Harsh Times, End of Watch, and Fury. (Or to put it another way, no matter what, he’s no Joel Schumacher directing Batman & Robin.) The cast, led by Will Smith and Oscar-winner Jared Leto as the Joker, is especially strong as well. From the footage released online, the movie appears to have a well-developed dark sensibility and perverse streak despite its PG-13 rating. (After all, if we learned anything from slogging along through Paradise Lost, it’s that being bad is more fun than being good.) Finally, with three strong female squad members—Harley Quinn, Enchantress, and Katana—Suicide Squad could give them the chance to do things the MCU hasn’t been able (or willing) to do with its near myopic focus on Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow.

suicide squad 2

Whether or not Suicide Squad can meet the Herculean task of kick starting the DCEU (again) is the kind of $250M crapshoot only Hollywood is willing to take. However, good or bad, it looks worth seeing just to watch all the moving parts and how well (or not) they fit together. Last line, I’m pumped to watch suicide squad!

My Captain America: Civil War Expectations

This is a rather… different post from us, but we’re just so excited to see this movie, we had to post this here! Keep an eye out for our next post, I think you’re all going to love learning about the icebergs and iceberg preservation!

Captain America: Civil War (also known as “Captain America: Civil War online“) is a follow up of the Avengers: Age of Ultron. It picks up right where it left off as a new team of Avengers continue in their efforts to guard humanity. After yet another incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, there is political pressure to install a government body to determine when to enlist the services of the team. The new status quo fractures the Avengers, resulting in two camps; one led by Tony Starks, in favor to support government oversight and accountability and the other led by Steve Rogers, advocating to remain free to defend humanity without any government interference.

Captain America
If you have read the Civil War crossover comic book arc, then you know that Captain America was driven underground and was viewed as a fugitive by Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D following his resistance to the new legislation. Captain America led a resistance movement opposing Superhero Registration, which led to attacks and battles with Iron Man and his allies. We are not yet sure how close the film will be staying close to the comic book, but we do hope that the basics are featured!
Iron Man
What will drive the movie? Following the source material, we expect that the dynamic between Captain America and Iron Man will do so. In the comics, Tony Starks makes himself the leader of the Superhero Registration Act and is in direct conflict with Captain America. We are looking forward to epic battles between the two.

Black Panther
Marvel’s studio revealed that Black Panther would be playing a major role in this film. Fans are curious whether the role Black Panther will be playing in the same will be similar to the part in the comics played by Spider-Man. Can we expect the Black Panther to be caught in the middle of the dispute between Iron Man and Captain America? If so, this would be very interesting with Black Panther torn between both sides!

The Winter Soldier
The Winter Soldier was confirmed to be an important part of Captain America: Civil War. After we were left hanging during the second Captain America movie, we cannot wait to see what he has in store for us now that he knows that he is Bucky Barnes. It is implied in Captain America: The Winter Soldier that Bucky killed Tony Stark’s parents as part of a mission for Hydra. We hope that Captain America: Civil War provides a dramatic plotline where Tony discovers Bucky killed his parents. Tony will no doubt want to end Bucky, and this will not go well and is going to cause an additional conflict between Captain America and Iron Man.

Black Widow
We have to admit that Black Widow a.k.a Natasha Romanoff was one of the best parts of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We know that she will be back for this film. We are not sure of the specifics of her role, but we do know that she is still a member of the Avengers. Since we are aware that she has very close relationships with both Iron Man and Captain America, which side will she choose? It will be quite the conundrum for her – will she be anti-registration or pro-registration? Will she choose? Will her decision cause more problems? Cannot wait to find out!

War Machine
The War Machine a.k.a Rhodey is now a full-fledged Avenger. He is a hard one to predict where his loyalties will lie when it comes to the conflict regarding Superhero Registration. On one side, he is a teammate with Captain America on the Avengers, but he has ties with Tony Stark’s that go way back. Some of us expect him to side with Iron Man due to their long friendship. It will be awesome to see Iron Man and War Machine, two guys in metal suits fighting side by side!

Preserving our forests

What is a Forest?

A forest can be defined as a large area of land which is covered with trees, and or other woody vegetation. Forests are the dominant terrestrial ecosystem which covers the earth and is distributed globally.

It is sad to note that currently, forests are disappearing at a very alarming rate all over the world.

Importance of Forests

It is vital to know that forest systems offer an array of beneficial natural services. Forests assist in purifying the air. The trees in the forest utilize the Carbon Dioxide in the air and Give out purified oxygen for breathing. This clearly puts out that if there are no forests, then the air that we breathe will not be pure. If there are no trees to metabolize the Carbon Dioxide emitted daily means that the air will be polluted.

Forests also help in cleaning the water. This is achieved through precipitation that is filtered through forests. They help in the prevention of impurities from gaining access into rivers and also streams. Through filtration of the water on various levels of the soil, toxins, sediments and other substances are filtered from the water thus the water ends up clean

Forests are also pivotal in the reduction of global warming. Since Carbon Dioxide presence is the main factor that causes global warming, presence of forests would clear this out. The trees would Utilize the Carbon Dioxide in the air and give out oxygen. This would then go a long way into reducing the global warming menace that is associated with deforestation.

It is also important to keep in mind the fact that forests are habitats of different varieties of birds and animals. Tampering with this natural resource results to an imbalance in the ecosystem and can cause worse effects even to the people living next to where the forests were.

How to Preserve Forests

The first and easiest way to preserve forests is by planting more trees. At this point in time, deforestation has been practiced in many places all over the world. However, by planting more trees, this problem can be rooted out. This will also go a very long way in preserving the natural habitat of birds, animals and also other communities who live in the forest up to date.

Everyone should also take it upon themselves to preserve the forests. This could be done by joining forest preservation societies whose aim is to preserve this natural resource. When many people come together with one idea of preserving the forests, the impact is always big.

Finally practicing Forest tourism can also save our forests. This is also known as ecotourism and it includes visitation to natural areas with an aim of educating the traveler on various trees, birds and even animals he or she might encounter in their natural environment which is the forest. This is a very beneficial venture and it can sustain the economy of those living around natural forests just by them conserving it.